but forces your opponent to play around Secrets

If it drew two cards than it would be played in every single rogue deck, but I doubt it would break the game except like making Quest Rogue more powerful, since they can draw their deck out but besides that not really game defining, I mean book of spectres should be insane and you aren’t seeing people complaining about that card. Actually the comparison to book of spectres, makes the card pretty reasonable if it drew two, I don’t think people understand that secrets should be better than active card of their mana cost, explosive trap to consecration; uk moncler outlet so many moncler outlet woodbury hunter secrets summoning 3 Cost minions etcBluffing cheap moncler jackets womens is useless. uk moncler sale You can compare the mild effect of playing around a secret to actually having a secret. Worst case scenario for a secret is cheap moncler jackets mens that they make a slightly worse play to moncler womens jackets avoid it, but triggering is going to moncler outlet online be better. Best case scenario for a bluff would be the worst value for any other card option in the game. And what value do you get for spending moncler sale online the 2 mana on essentially nothing? Less than nothing. You are paying 2 mana plus giving up your draw for 1 https://www.moncleroutlett.com moncler outlet turn so moncler sale that you can get the worst outcome moncler usa of any other card. This isn good, it the worst card I ever seen on this sub.Unpopular opinion: The only issue I have cheap moncler coats mens with this is moncler sale outlet that Rogue doesn’t discount moncler jackets have detrimental triggers for secrets. I moncler uk outlet mean take into consideration, tempo swingers like counterspell for mage. THAT secret directly effects the opponent in such a painful way. There are far more dangerous secrets to moncler online store work around and rogue secrets are a different flavour. In other words, calling or not calling the bluff doesn’t hurt the opponent as much as if it belonged to another secret class like mage or hunterThe playability of this card unfortunately entirely revolves around the playability of the rest of best moncler jackets the rogue secrets which right now is almost none. Even if one rogue secret was seeing a fair amount of play then everyone would know it was that specific secret they could play around or bluff but even after all that I still think it a little too weak.TLDR The actual bluff moncler outlet prices aspect to this card is not worth the massive tempo loss and likely never will be.As a solution I make the card cheap moncler sale give you an extra mana crystal (innervate/coin effect) on the turn it triggered in addition to the draw. That way you can moncler outlet sale perhaps prepare it before a turn where you want extra mana such as a auctioneer turn.I thought about it giving a coin (and saw the other comments) but I think that would make it too strong. You just play the secret asap just for the my website coin rather than thinking about when you want to play it for the bluff/mana effect. Best case scenario they refrain from attacking if their board just happens to be arranged a certain way. That’s not enough to moncler outlet justify cycling a card for 2 mana.The kind of deck that wouldn’t mind cycling this would be like exodia mage, but they only run ice block moncler outlet store and armor so cheap moncler jackets there’s nothing to play around and you might as well play a normal draw with a body or better value.

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