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moncler jackets outlet online She has a weird delivery for sure, I think she was in Seth Rogan recent hilarity moncler outlet store for charity and I thought the same thing cheap moncler jackets womens there. For some of her jokes it was funny and added a little extra sting or a sort of “to clarify for those who are so up their own ass they best moncler jackets don understand” but for other jokes you are right it kinda seemed misplaced or just didn add anything. Regardless, moncler usa its hilarious how many people were moncler outlet woodbury stone uk moncler outlet faced or visibly upset when the camera showed the audience. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler jacket online If Delos really knows everything about their guests and are using their DNA to clone them then it shouldn be to hard to amalgamate their mannerisms and memories into host brains. moncler jacket online

cheap moncler jackets Funnel them back cheap moncler jackets mens into society and bring them in for maintenance periodically. Could be through healthcare system or maybe upon return visits, though that banks on guests moncler sale coming back. cheap moncler jackets

moncler coats A big question is what is Delos? Its clear that its not a moncler womens jackets futuristic Six Flags in that the company just operates theme parks. They don seem like a Disney World where its cheap moncler jackets park based entertainment tied into media conglomerates. moncler coats

cheap moncler jackets wholesale So moncler uk outlet are they a warped, advanced version of google. Take the DNA from 23 and me, moncler online store add it to the everything google search and home know moncler outlet online about us and discount moncler jackets multiply by the future, what does that equal? What clues do we have about what kind of company this is? cheap moncler jackets wholesale

moncler coats for kids It would make a lot of sense uk moncler sale if the “weapon” William mentions were guest clones and Dolores survival would depend on getting control of that from multiple parties converging on the area that William built. moncler outlet Whether Bernard is in a loop or not, those stakes would seem high enough to trigger a military response. moncler coats for kids

moncler outlet usa If Bernard is really 11 days or longer from moncler sale outlet the massacre on the beach and not in moncler sale online a VR loop, then it would seem like William wasn able to burn the place to the ground. Ironically its flooded cheap moncler sale AF tho. moncler outlet usa

moncler outlet William buit some project there, somthing website went wrong. They back filled to hide this project. Ford maybe was out of the loop on it but knows about it. Made host stories pushing people out west to find the failed project. moncler outlet

moncler jackets toronto Noone ever did so Ford wrote a story specific for William to confront what he did there. He has recently teraformed the area moncler outlet prices exposing it again. A lake currently occupies the area (the water is from a cooling system failure borrowed from below) moncler jackets toronto

moncler outlet woodbury Id wager the hosts arent calling the shots but are still following Fords final story to ousts Williams project moncler outlet woodbury

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moncler outlet mall I think I got it. Everything is coming full circle. This whole uprising is Ford’s narrative. And Ford’s plan is to destroy William’s (and the board’s) whole cheap moncler coats mens operation. But in an ironic twist, he’s manipulating William to destroy his own design under false pretenses. moncler outlet sale William will have to do so in order to prevent Dolores from using his work as a weapon. Thus having to become a good guy and completing the circle. Perhaps somewhere along the way he may even moncler outlet pick up a white hat for symbolism moncler outlet mall.

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